Introduction to HGH guide

We wrote this guide to provide comprehensive information about HGH in one place. We at WorldHGH receive similar questions over and over again. There is little to no comprehensive or reliable info on HGH online. Despite the solid and growing number of studies on HGH, the internet is still full of false and misleading information on the topic, written with either an unwillingness to research in-depth or seeking to make customers take more HGH and so make more money for the sellers. Such information leads to diminishing effects from HGH and harm to the health of people.

So, we decided to answer the most common questions we get in a simple, easy-to-understand way, backing it all up with scientific references, so you can continue advanced research yourself.

Note – this guide is not medical advice, and is not compiled by medical professionals.

But by a seller. However, the goal is not to sell more, but to provide an excellent knowledge base for both potential customers and customer service representatives of our store.

So, our customer support can stick to vetted information in their advice. And our customers can access the information they need at any time. Our main reason for compiling this guide is the frustrating recklessness of people who don’t do proper research on the substances they inject in their bodies. But it’s hard to blame them, considering the lack of information and abundance of misinformation out there.

The guide relies on the studies done on the topic and on the data I, as an HGH seller, have collected from customer feedback over the years. I have been observing many customers on their HGH journeys over the years, which enables me to give some insights on the subject.

The guide is split into six parts:

Part I gives basic info on HGH to help you decide on whether you want to take HGH, Including effects, benefits, and what you can expect from the drug.

Part II offers an overview of categories of people taking HGH, their aims, and how HGH can benefit them, as well as generalized recommendations on cycles and dosages for different goals.

Part III provides answers on how to choose an HGH brand such as the differences between pharma-grade vs generic brands, etc. You can also find an overview of HGH brands in our store.

Part IV gives instructions on how to administer HGH.

Part V provides information on the drug’s side effects and how you can prevent, reduce, or manage them.

Part VI is a FAQ section that provides answers to some of the most common questions not addressed in the previous sections.