How To Use HGH?

In terms of the administration itself, it’s better to see it than read about it. So, we would like to refer you to these two great videos on this topic about pens and vials.

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How to use HGH in vials

And here are some other aspects you might be interested in.

Bacteriostatic vs Sterile Water

Bacteriostatic water is considered to be a better fit as a HGH solvent as it allows the solution to stay fresher for longer compared to regular saline solution for injections.

Subcutaneous vs Intramuscular Injections

Both are fine, whatever is more suitable for you. Studies find no difference between SC and IM methods in peak value, plasma concentration, or antibody formation –

However, most people prefer SC injections simply because they’re less painful.

How long can you store the dissolved HGH in the vial?

This experiment shows that within a week after reconstitution, there is no significant change in HGH purity and content

Existing differences can be attributed to the margin of error during testing.

How much liquid should I add to the vial?

Whatever you feel comfortable with. Generally, on low dosages, it’s better to use more water to make measuring easier. Also, consider that after each injection a small amount of liquid is left in the syringe itself. And the more water you use, the less active substance is left there.

Just follow the logic of proportion. 1 ml of water in a 10 IU vial will give you 1 IU concentration per 0.1 ml.

How should I store HGH?

HGH is meant to be stored at the fridge temperature – both mixed and non-mixed. But a few weeks out of the fridge won’t cause significant damage to HGH as modern preservatives are very effective. So, store it in the fridge, but if by mistake you leave it out for some time, you
shouldn’t worry, as it’s still good to go

MG and IU

People often get confused over measurements of HGH. There are 2 units – IU (international units) and MG (milligrams). 1 mg is 3 IU. Pens such as Norditropin and Genotropin have their mechanism set up in mg: 0.1, 0.2
mg and so on. Be sure, that you don’t inject 3 mg instead of 3 IU. 1 mg = 3 IU