How To Increase HGH Levels

There are many ways to increase HGH levels – both naturally and through taking supplements and
medication. Let’s take a look at some of them.


According to many studies, both cardio and strength training are effective for achieving a short-term increase in HGH levels.


A healthy protein-rich diet is important for maintaining high HGH levels. But the importance of diet for HGH is much more complex. As we have mentioned before, HGH is an essential hormone in carbohydrate metabolism and is an antagonist of insulin.

Low blood sugar levels lead to the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which in turn, is a very potent growth hormone secretagogue

High sugar levels = insulin production = low HGH levels
Low sugar levels = less insulin produced = higher HGH

Basically, it leads us to the concept of intermittent fasting – an eating pattern with long periods of fasting (12-16 hours) per day and short periods when you can eat.

Intermittent fasting is shown to be effective in increasing HGH levels

Here are some important pieces of diet advice. Reducing the intake of sugar in order to prevent insulin spikes. Don’t eat before sleep high blood sugar will stunt HGH release during the peak HGH secretion. Plus, having a light protein meal before sleep is a good idea to get amino acids essential for HGH production.

Optimize the sleep

As most HGH is secreted during the first hours of sleep, sleep quality is essential.

Stay away from eating a lot before sleep
Maintain a steady sleep schedule
• Sleep in a cool and dark room to induce melatonin secretion
• Take a daytime nap