History Of Synthetic HGH

Here’s a little background on how HGH was developed. The first growth hormone samples were extracted from cows and human pituitary glands. However, it was later found that this manufacturing method enables the transmission of rare “mad cow” disease to patients.

So, in the next few years, a synthetic growth hormone molecule was developed. It was made by genetically engineering DNA of E.coli bacteria. The bioidentical form of human growth hormone was thus developed.

The production method with few changes is the same now. Technologies are advancing. HGH is becoming easier and easier to produce and is getting more affordable every year.

What Are The Benefits Of HGH?

However, there are some side effects of synthetic HGH, in fact, the topic is quite long. So, we dedicated a section to the most common side effects and how to deal with them.

HGH use in Sports

The noticeable effects on muscles and strength have made HGH a popular performance enhancement drug among both professionals and amateurs.
HGH is commonly used in bodybuilding to gain highquality muscle mass and burn fat. To a lesser extent, it is used in other sports for the same reasons as well as to prevent or heal injuries.
A significant portion of our clients are bodybuilders. So, let’s start with them in the overview about who takes HGH in the next section.