HGH For Bodybuilding and Weight loss – Guide

Bodybuilders were among the first who noticed the potential of human growth hormone in sports.
Bodybuilding’s objective is to build the most muscles and have the least fat possible on the stage. And that’s exactly what HGH does.

Some people consider that it’s HGH introduction that was responsible for the rapid increase in lean muscle mass among top-level athletes in the 90s. Six-time Mr. Olympia (1992-1997) Dorian Yates agrees with that assessment. Nowadays, nearly all professional athletes are taking HGH to prepare for competitions. It helps them to stay lean during the bulking phase and get shredded more easily before competitions.

There is also a discussion that HGH is to blame for the extended bellies of the current top athletes. It may partly be true as extreme growth hormone dosages of 10-15 IU per day, which are common for pro athletes, can induce growth of internal organs as well, especially in the stack with other performance-enhancing drugs.

However, there is no indication that non-abusive use of growth hormone in the range of 1-5 IU per day can lead to such issues.


How To Take HGH For Bodybuilding?

First of all, you have to decide whether you want to run HGH “solo” or stack it with other anabolic compounds – Anavar, testosterone, etc.

Each option is good. HGH is a great drug on its own but with other PEDs, it has a synergistic effect.

Solo HGH cycle.

The perfect duration is 4-7 months at 3-5 IU per day. Depending on your level and experience, you may expect to gain up to 10-15 pounds of lean
muscle mass and lose some fat – HGH is perfect for recomposition.

Stacking HGH with steroids.

HGH is a great addition to any steroid cycle. While bulking, you will gain less fat and prevent injuries related to the rapid growth of strength and loads. While cutting, HGH will provide great fat loss and anti-catabolic properties. There are no perfect cycles to put HGH in or a perfect combo of steroids with HGH – you can add it to any cycle you are planning to do

Also, it’s advisable to continue taking HGH after you finish your steroid cycle – HGH prevents catabolism and will help you to retain the muscles you gained. The common starting dosage is 3-4 IU per day and you can increase it up to 5-6 IU per day if you and your wallet are comfortable with it.

Please be aware that high HGH dosages tend to significantly increase blood sugar levels, so be sure to check your blood sugar levels and introduce metformin or insulin if needed to protect your pancreas.


HGH is also used solely for weight-loss purposes. Growth hormone increases the oxidation of fatty acids and also facilitates gluconeogenesis – the synthesis of glucose (energy) from fats and proteins.

For this reason, the best protocol would be to use growth hormone alongside a keto diet and/or intermittent fasting. These diet protocols also induce gluconeogenesis.

But keep in mind that HGH won’t be able to burn fat in a caloric surplus, it’s not a magic pill and cannot make up for a bad diet

The weight loss dosage is usually lower than the bodybuilding one and is about 2-4 IU per day. It’s also highly advisable to split the dosage into two and more injections during the day to keep growth hormone levels high.

The duration of the cycle depends on how well you achieve your goal. It can be as quick as 3 months or take up to a year