HGH for anti-aging and HRT and cosmetic purposes

As we discussed earlier in the introductory section, growth hormone is not only a hormone of growth, it can also be labeled a hormone of youth


Dr. Oz famously called HGH a fountain of youth
and this name suits it well. Although growth hormone therapy for anti-aging is yet to be adopted by conventional medicine, it’s already a hot trend among celebrities.

The early adopter of HGH therapy is Sylvester Stallone. Now, rumor has it that even Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, and Hugh Jackman are on HGH. Famous podcaster Joe Rogan also openly admitted using HGH.

The same thing is happening among women celebrities, but they are more inclined to keep their beauty secrets from the general public.

The general idea behind Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is to restore your essential hormone levels (testosterone, HGH) up to the levels you had in your 20s.

Hormonal optimization clinics are popping up across the USA but even with a prescription from them, you will still have to pay thousands out of pocket every month.

Plus, HRT clinics also check your HGH and IGF-1 levels to adjust your dosage and protocol.

The general approach of growth hormone replacement therapy is to prescribe 1.5-2.5 IU of HGH per day
depending on the baseline IGF-1 levels, age, weight, sex, and other aspects to reach the target IGF-1 levels. The baseline IGF-1 levels of people over 50 years old are 80-120 ng/ml. And your aim is to get to 200-250-300 ng/ml.

You can take HGH 5 days on, and 2 days off. And as the name suggests hormone replacement therapy means that you stay on HGH for years non-stop and enjoy its wonderful rejuvenating effects.

The question arises – if HGH helps to rejuvenate on 2 IU per day, will it provide greater benefits on 4-5 IU per day?

The answer is yes, but it’s not about speed, it’s about a sustainable long-term result. So, don’t try to force the process with high doses of HGH, rather stay on a lower dosage of 1.5-2.5 IU for longer.

HGH For Cosmetic Purposes

With the rise in plastic surgery and cosmetic injections (fillers, botox, and so on), HGH has become widely used in the beauty industry as well, including to facilitate and ease recovery. As a part of its rejuvenating effects, HGH improves skin quality and removes wrinkles and other
signs of aging.

The dosage of 2-3 IU per day for a few months will do wonders for the quality of your skin, nails, and hair.